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THE GOAL: Win every bet from 1 out of 1 to 12 out of 12 in Massachusetts. See my progress with proof of winning tickets below.
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Spots Game Number Date Ticket Winnings
1 #2071161 11/03/2018 1 out of 1 $15.00
2 #2015272 05/01/2018 2 out of 2 $25.00
3 #2143726 07/03/2019 3 out of 3 $500.00
4 #2143626 07/03/2019 4 out of 4 $200.00
5 #1948906 09/15/2017 5 out of 5 $450.00
6 #2207611 02/01/2020 6 out of 6 $3200.00
7 #2576443 06/03/2023 6 out of 7 $100.00
8 #2127128 05/09/2019 6 out of 8 $50.00
9 #2486188 08/18/2022 7 out of 9 $600.00
10 #2152193 10/19/2019 8 out of 10 $500.00
11 #2150507 07/26/2019 6 out of 11 $10.00
12 #2167418 09/20/2019 6 out of 12 $5.00
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When I go out with my buddies for a few beers, we always enjoy playing a few games of keno. Every time we would go out, we would lose $10-20 per night. We noticed "patterns" or "hot numbers" when we played, but we always figured that there must be a way to figure out someway to find these types of patterns. Hence, this site was born.

From my experience, I learned there were certain ways to play numbers and improved our betting strategies, but in the end, picking the correct numbers is what you need to do.

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I began to research resources from the web and find mathematical equations in regard to random number generators. Algorithms are used including True Random Number Generators (TRNGs) and Pseudorandom Number Generators (PRNGs). I started looking at these and then started studying patterns in these numbers. And, by the way, there are patterns.

OK, great, so what next? My research led me different strategies (mostly related to lottery) such as Delta Number System, Rainbow strategies, Probability strategies and alternative strategies. I investigated more and said I can take a majority of these strategies, combine them together and see what happens.

What I came up with is what is available on this site. A combination of these strategies along with a pattern match of numbers. And I have found that I have gone from losing at playing keno to winning. Believe me, no system is perfect and I still have a day job, but it has made my Keno-playing experience more enjoyable. Let's face it - it's fun to win.

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I hope you enjoy using this site and I hope that it brings you an advantage as it has done for me. I would love to hear from you on your experiences, so drop me an e-mail and let me know how you do using my website.

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This website pulls data from the Massachusetts State Lottery website and the data shown on this site is in correlation with betting on KENO in the Massachusetts State Lottery.

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